Hellenic Mediterranean University

School of Engineering
Center of Materials Technology and Photonics

In Smart Functional Materials Group, we are interested in developing advanced thin films, nanostructures, nanocomposites and suspensions combining perfectly optimum functionality with low cost and reliability, using simple, low temperature, cost effective and environmental friendly techniques.  Applications of interest concern electromagnetic shielding, nanodielectrics, antifouling/antibacterial action, food packaging, improved mechanical behavior etc. Emphasis in given on custom made solutions based on development approaches easily adaptable to the industrial needs, including nanoadditive manufacturing.

Latest News


Project news

New research collaboration with Ireland regarding the project “New germicide nanocomposites for biological protection and decontamination” just started! Smart Functional Materials Group will collaborate with two Irish teams –Prof. Suresh Pillai at Atlantic...

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New publications

Smart Functional Materials Group recent Q1 (IF>5) journals publications! Comparative Study of Graphene Nanoplatelets and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes-Polypropylene Composite Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding Carbon Allotropes-Based Paints and Their Composite...

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Collaboration with IMT in Bucharest

The close collaboration of the Smart Functional Materials Group with IMT Romania, started in 2018 through a Memorandum of Understanding, has been proved to be very effective, since many activities have been already implemented including: More than 10 high IF (>3)...

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