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Dr Michael Katharakis

Dr. Michael Katharakis

Dr. Michael Katharakis is vice-chairman of the Regional Research and Innovation Council of Crete. He has extensive experience in the development, management and administration of programs, projects and innovation teams, as he has worked for more than fifteen years as a manager of funded European scientific and development programs for: The Institute of Technology and Research, the University of Crete, the Hellenic Mediterranean University, and the Heraklion Chamber. Dr. M. Katharakis is currently Director of the Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber, and he was also the director of its Development Unit for a decade, with the responsibility of developing and managing innovative programs, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and economic development actions for the local economy and at the same time as head of the European Enterprise Europe network unit. Moreover, for five years he was a member of the Council of the Technological and Educational Institute of Crete with tasks of approving the Foundation’s budgets and developing a policy of innovative development for the educational institution. He has extensive experience in organizing events, as he undertook and successfully conducted three international conferences, many workshops, conferences and seminars at regional, national and international level. He possesses extensive expertise in the development and safeguarding of intellectual property as he has worked for several years in the Industrial Property Organization as a patent consultant. He has worked for several years in the scientific and technological park of Crete with the task of transferring technology, as well as a Director of technology transfer to the liaison office of the TEI of Crete, which was aimed at linking the research community with the Business and market. He also worked in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit of the TEI of Crete. Dr. Michalis Kathalakis is also familiar with the design of the execution and delivery of scientific works as he has a work experience of more than 20 years in applied and basic research scientific projects for the University of Crete, the TEI of Crete and the foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH). He obtained a degree in physics and a specialization in atomic and molecular physics, from the University of Crete, and a PhD, from the National Technical University of Athens, in the field of Quantum Electrodynamics in “Electromagnetically laser induced transparency”. He holds a second PhD on “Technology management and integration of innovation in regional structures: formulation of strategic development criteria” that was acquired at the Technical University of Crete. He has excellent knowledge of computers and English language. He has theoretical and laboratory experience in higher education and currently is teaching in the MBA program of the Hellenic Mediterranean University.